The role of a birth doula is to help your family navigate through the various options available to you, prioritize what you as a couple feel is most important and make the birth process a little easier.

It is important for me to help my clients without judgement and offer support and guidance instead. Which is why the only philosophy in a birth space  is the one of the expectant family.

I would love to be a part of your birthing team!

Please contact me to find out availability and request a complementary consultation.


Hi! I’m Sarah! I am a mother of two, a wife, a photographer and a Doula.  These roles I have are deeply intertwined .  I became a photographer by accident. While working as a medical assistant for an amazing midwife a patient asked me to come with her to her C-section birth and hold her hand. I brought my camera and snapped a few pictures of her birth.  What I captured that day became my passion. After working at the OB office for 4 years, and juggling my photography business and family , I decided to leave my full time job and go full time as a birth photographer.  Being able to be with these families during these unforgettable moments has led me to become a doula.


Services & Investment

Basic Birth Support – $700

Support Before Delivery

  • One prenatal meeting 1.5-2 hours in length
  • Assistance creating a birth plan & preferences sheet
  • 24 hr phone on-call from the moment you hire me
  • Round-the-clock on call time from 38 weeks until you have your babe.

Unlimited Labor Support

  • Hands-on early labor support if needed
  • Continuous active labor support – including informational, emotional and physical support at home an/or at the hospital

Up To 7 Hours of Postpartum Care

  • Two hours of immediate postpartum support, including assistance with breastfeeding
  • A one hour postpartum visit sometime in the 36 hours after babe is born
  • A longer postpartum visit at your leisure, anytime in the future.

Clients may choose to add on photography services. If you’d like for me to document the moments when you first meet your babe, consider one of my doula & photography packages. You can see examples of my photography work here.

Package One – $1,200

  • Birth support as outlined above
  • Labor, birth & immediate postpartum photography.  Photos taken during labor & birth when possible, as well as in the immediate postpartum period. Includes 50-75 digital files.

Package Two – $950

  • Birth support as outlined above
  • Postpartum photography. Photos taken directly after the birth. Includes 20 digital files.